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Versatile graphic designer with proven success in global corporate branding and strategic market positioning.  Instrumental in launching several of Dell's logo's and its first direct consumer marketing campaign.  Was apart of Dell's in-house ad agency and designer for global product & service launches —  Now he is a creative designer serving local & international clients.



He is skillful in supervisory and team leadership roles, possesses strengths in communications, organization, and is outstanding with people.  Bob is known for his resourcefulness, flexibility, and efficiency.  Bob is extremely detail oriented and budget conscious and seeks the highest approval from his customer set with whom he enjoys interfacing.


Bob received an Art Scholarship to the University of Montana, Missoula, MT, 1980. He studied Commercial Art and continued his education in the fields of leadership, communications, effective management, marketing, and legal affairs (i.e. trademark and copyrighting). He continues to attend numerous workshops for graphic software such as CorelDraw, PhotoShop, Illustrator and InDesign.


With over 18 years of Graphic Design experience, Bob is a creative force that has been involved in varying projects from logo development to strategic market positioning by providing artistic direction and by utilizing various design software and business analysis techniques.  Much of this work was performed at Dell, Inc. where Bob was hired to design its first direct consumer catalogue when the company was still in its start-up stage.   Bob was Dell's internal ad/creative department and protected the usage of the corporate brand both internally and externally. 


Bob has extensive knowledge of Desktop Publishing, Branding, Advertising, Marketing and Web Design.  Some of the software programs he employs in his work are CorelDraw, PhotoShop, Illustrator, InDesign, FrontPage, Flash MX, PowerPoint, Word, and OutLook.  His skill set includes Web Design, Printing, Digital Photography, Architectural Design, Drafting, Oil Painting and Signage development.


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